Couple Plans ‘Re-Wedding’ After Spouse Comes Out As Transgender During Their Honeymoon

officiallyrayna via Instagram

This is a simple story of boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl get married. Only, it’s not that simple. In this case, the “boy” revealed to his wife on their honeymoon that he was transgender and wanted to transition to a women.

A man named Jake met a woman named Jae on MySpace back in 2007. Years later, in 2018, the happy couple finally tied the knot. On their honeymoon, Jake made a major announcement to his new wife. He wanted to become a she. While some wives may not be so accepting when finding out their husband wants to become their wife, Jae whole heartedly accepted her new spouse’s heartfelt revelation. Jake is now known as Rayna.

While this news might have been new information to Jae, it was something that had been on Rayna’s mind for a long time. She had been thinking that she might be transgender ever since she was 11 years old. She told The Mirror, “It was liberating. Something I’d been storing away for so long and when it actually happened it was more of a relief – the overpowering feeling was ‘thank God for that’. It must have been a bit of a shock for her in the first instance but she’s turned everything on its head to make me feel comfortable. I’m like the same person but in a different body really.”

Jae was open to Rayna’s confession and even used her makeup artist skills to help her with her makeup for the very first time. Jae said, “Once we opened up communication and she realized it’s safe with me I’m not going to judge her or get angry and just wanted to understand so I could help, it all started clicking and making sense.”

Rayna has had multiple surgeries in order to complete her transition. She has had facial surgery, breast augmentation and an orchiectomy. Now she finally feels like her true self.

Jae and Rayna decided to get married a second time after Rayna’s transition. Jae explained, “There was a bit of a disconnect when we think back to our first wedding. I feel, β€˜Well, Ray wasn’t there’ and I want her in my wedding. What I want more than anything is for her family to see her walk down the aisle and for her to have her day β€” I got to have mine with all my bells and whistles, so now it’s her turn.”

Instead of wearing traditional white wedding dresses, the couple has a different plan. Jae shared, “We’re both going to be wearing beautiful black dresses for an all black and white theme with white, pink and red roses symbolizing, at least for me, the death of old Ray and the re-birth of new Ray.”

Many people who follow Rayna’s Instagram account feel encouraged by her story and excited about the second wedding.