This Couple Decides Their Partners’ New Hairstyle

Safiya and Tyler are a couple living out in LA, and although their career and relationship goals are on point, their hairstyles…are not so much. They’ve decided to do something bold to shake up their looks; they’re going to let each other cut their hair. Not literally, of course. Neither of them know how to style hair themselves, so BuzzFeed would never put their relationship through that stress. Safiya and Tyler will both be consulting a hairstylist about their partner, who will then take their feedback and style the other’s hair as their partner requested. Things are about to get interesting.

For Safiya, Tyler mentioned that she has this habit of letting her hair grow longer and longer until she can’t stand it anymore. Then she’ll get haircut about once a year. However, he said Safiya loves how strong, thick, and healthy her locks truly are, so she can appreciate her hair as it gets longer.

To give her a sleek, professional look that will show off the strength of her gorgeous hair, Tyler has opted for a “lob,” or a long bob, for Safiya.

For Tyler, Safiya mentioned that he’s always kept his hair the same; long and bushy. Tyler confessed (and Safiya confirmed) that he’s a bit self-conscious about the shape of his head. Ever since a barber commented that his head was “bulbous” he’s been nervous about cutting his hair too short.

Safiya knows that his head is NOT, in fact, bulbous, and that a short haircut would give her partner a cooler and more grown-up look. So, for Tyler, Safiya has opted for the men’s haircut of the hour: the undercut.

Celebrity stylist David Dang takes advice from both partners on their significant other’s style and insecurities before they settle on new hairstyles – then he gets to work. Safiya first!

For Safiya, David does two coats of hair dye; Safiya’s hair is already dark, but David is taking it even darker with a stylish, even black tone. Then he lobs off about six inches of hair to create, well, a lob! The long bob is even all the way around, super smooth, and super chic.

Then for Tyler! The undercut is the shaving of the sides of the head, while the top of the hair is long and styled. David gives Tyler’s hair some honey undertones and combs over his top layer so there’s a lot of volume to play with! And play he does. Tyler’s hair is styled to perfection on top and shaved right down on the sides, giving him a very edgy and on-trend look.

But the best part of all? Their reactions! Naturally, their reaction to their own haircuts are positive and excited, but their reaction to their partner’s haircut is even better! They’re so excited by how great their significant other looks (and how their fresh new do is going to make them feel) that they’re absolutely beaming!

Safiya’s jaw literally drops when she sees Tyler’s transformation, it’s so cute!

Would you let your partner decide your hairstyle like this? What do you think of these “trust cuts”? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks to BuzzFeed Yellow for this awesome video!