Couple Gets Back From Dinner And Finds Hundreds Of Strangers “Living” In Their Home

Inside Edition via YouTube

Imagine going out to dinner and then coming home to a wild high school house party at your very abode, where hundreds of teens are dancing around like drunk fools in your living room.

It sounds like a dream (er, nightmare), but this actually happened to one man named Mike Cox after he got back from an evening out with his wife. When he pulled up to his home in Parker, Colorado after a date night, he couldn’t believe the scene in front of him: dozens upon dozens of teens partying it up in his home.

“Seeing them sit at our kitchen table — just complete rage. I wish I could have gotten my hands on them,” he said.

Cops think that because the home was listed online for sale, the teens thought the house was vacant and wanted to throw an “epic” party there. The home, which was listed for $1.5 million, had about 300 reckless teens inside.

“It just slowly built to 300 kids standing on our furniture, throwing beer cans, beer bottles, squirting champagne all over the house,” Cox said. “As bad as everything is, the party was still ramping up, I heard that more people were on the way. There could have been more people here.”

There was quite a bit of damage done during the rager—probably tens of thousands of dollars worth—including smashed windows and tile and the ceilings had alcohol stains on them. “There’s a video of 5, 6 kids on top of this countertop, squirting champagne all over my house,” Cox said. “My wife was in tears. It was devastating.”

Understandably, Cox and his wife were infuriated over the whole thing. “Just rage. Felt violated. This is our home. It’s not just an empty house that’s for sale. It’s where we live,” he said.

“I want them prosecuted,” he continued. “I want them arrested. They have to pay for the damage they have done.”

Since the party, Cox and his wife were fearful to be in their own home, especially at night. “No one’s sleeping very well,” he said. “You don’t know if they have our address, if they’re going to come back.”

Many of the teenagers were arrested and faced burglarizing and underage drinking charges.

To hear from Cox himself and see live footage of the teens in the house, check out the video below.

What would you have done if you came home and your house was broken into by teens throwing a rager?