Country Singer Luke Bryan Came to the Rescue of Stranded Tennessee Mom and Her Kids

@courtneybriannepotts via Instagram

Every time we get behind the wheel of our car, we pretty much assume we will get to our destination safely and without any problems along the way. Sure, there may be traffic, but actually having car trouble or getting into an accident feels pretty unlikely.

When Tennessee resident Courtney Potts got behind the wheel of her car with her kids in the back seat, it’s pretty safe to say that she assumed she would arrive at her destination without any trouble. She definitely did not expect to be stranded along the side of a country road in a small town with a flat tire.

If you ever find yourself with a flat tire, assuming your cell phone’s working, you could always call for a tow truck or roadside assistance through a company such as AAA. If you happen to have a spare tire and know how to change it yourself, even better.

In Potts case, what started out as a bad situation ended up becoming an incredibly amazing situation. Someone who lived nearby happened to see that Potts was stranded with a flat tire and decided to come to her rescue. This wasn’t just anybody either. It was country star Luke Bryan.

In a video that Potts posted on Instagram, we see Bryan on his knees working to change Potts’ flat tire. Bryan even posed for a picture with Potts and one of her kids.

Potts captioned the video, “Thank you again @lukebryan I cannot thank you enough for helping me and my kids! It really made our day so much better!”

Chaz Molder, the mayor of Columbia, Tennessee, saw the video and sent a tweet to Bryan thanking him, offering him the key to the city and inviting him to be the Grand Marshall of the upcoming Christmas parade.

Does it surprise you that a big star like Bryan would be so down to earth that he would change a flat tire for a stranded mom? Do you think Bryan will take Molder up on the offer to be the Grand Marshall at the Christmas parade?