13 ‘Country Folk’ Shares Things That ‘Big City Folk’ Will Never Understand

Freigeist67 via Deposit Photos

There are two types of people in this world: Those who live in the country and those who live in the city.

As you can imagine, with two completely different areas, you end up with two completely different people. There are just some things that city folk could never understand about country folk and vice versa.

One recent Reddit thread has people sharing some hilarious (and accurate!) things that those who prefer city life could never understand about those living out in the country.

  1. No car door slams

    “When you hear a car door slam in the middle of the night, something is wrong.”

  2. Constant waving, even if you don’t know them

    “Waving at people when you see them on the road.”

  3. Weird noises

    “The scream you hear in the middle of the night isn’t a woman being murdered. It’s just foxes shagging.”

  4. Interesting forms of endearment

    “Watch out for deer” when saying goodbye is another way of telling someone you love them.”

  5. The dark

    “In the city at night you can read a book outside. In the country on a cloudy or no moon night, you can’t see anything. It’s so dark you might as well be blind; the stars and gravity are the only way to know which direction is up.”

  6. The small number of gas stations

    “When a road sign says Last Gas for however many kilometers, it means it.”

  7. The extent of your pantry/freezer

    “We can’t just ‘run to the store’ to pick up that forgotten ingredient or spur-of-the-moment craving. But if you’re well-stocked, we can ship up jut about anything!”

  8. The insane amount of deer

    “Seeing deer isn’t a special occasion. They’re always showing up.”

  9. Driving everywhere

    “It’s basically impossible to live if you can’t drive.”

  10. Easygoing entertainment for kids

    “Letting my kids just go outside and play. Ride their bikes down the street, go into the woods out back and explore. But more importantly, just feeling generally secure about their safety doing these things.”

  11. Slow internet

    “How hard it is to get highs peed internet. Normal speed internet would be a start!”

  12. Chickens

    “They’re a lot more animal than I think people realize. And roosters. They totally sometimes call at 5 a.m.”

  13. Free range

    “You can just pee anywhere outside.”

Are you a country or city person? How accurate are some of these statements? What kinds of things do you think you would add to this list?