Costco Has Stopped Selling One of Their Bakery Favorites & COVID-19 Is Most Likely to Blame


Looks like Costco can’t have its cake and eat it too.

The popular warehouse is known for its big bulk items—from massive packs of diapers to peanuts and pickles. But they’re also known for something else: Their affordable, deliciously delectable sheet cakes.

Costco sheet cake makes the perfect celebratory dessert, whether it’s to celebrate a birthday party, graduation, a wedding, or even just a backyard BBQ. In fact, it’s one of Costco’s biggest sellers. At least, it used to be.

However, with so many events having been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Costco didn’t see much of a reason to continue selling their half sheet cakes. So, they discontinued them until further notice—possibly forever.

“We are currently not selling our 1/2 sheet cakes at any US locations and as of right now, we have no immediate plans to bring them back,” Costco stated.

Thankfully, you can still get your fill of Costco cake, just in much smaller quantities. “We are focusing on our smaller 10″ white and 10″ chocolate cakes that seem to be resonating with our members.”

Costco made the announcement on their Facebook page, stating that while their sheet cakes are not currently available to order or customize, people can still place an order for the smaller size. But this didn’t bode well for many customers who still want sheet cakes, despite the pandemic.

“Please bring back the sheet cakes, even if just for preorder,” someone posted. “The round is not large enough for larger families. We’ve had these birthdays we would have bought them for, another coming up soon as well as graduation. Our grocery store cakes are good, but not Costco good.”

“Love the sheet cakes at Costco, we missed them in all this mess going on!” another fan commented. “We bought them for all occasions, and we would freeze some ..unthawed cake would be just as fresh!”

Someone even noted that they only have a Costco membership for the sheet cake! “I bought my membership strictly for the sheet cake. Yum,” she said. “Now I find myself there once a month spending all my money. I was just there today looking to see if they had any extra sheet cakes but did not and did not have the chocolate grad cakes. So bummed. Please bring back the sheet cake!”

Hopefully, they bring back these popular cakes soon! When they do, they’re sure to reap all the sales, even if people buy them just for their immediate family and not necessarily an event.

Are you a fan of Costco sheet cake? Were you bummed when you realized they stopped selling them? What have you bought as a replacement?