Don’t Get Tricked Into Buying These 3 Things at Costco

If you have any sense for saving money, then chances are you absolutely love your weekly pilgrimage to Costco. It’s seriously the greatest—where else can you snack on a ton of free mixed fare (aka samples galore!) while getting your tires rotated?

But, like any other store, Costco does have a few weak points when it comes to pricing. Now, most folks visit the store so that they can take advantage of purchasing bulk items at wholesale costs, but as it turns out, there may be more competitively priced choices out there…

Toilet Paper

Investing in bulk toilet paper is a frugal choice, but would you believe that Costco doesn’t have the best deals when it comes to this bathroom staple?

Fruits and Veggies

It’s no secret that you can easily find smokin’ deals in Costco’s produce department, but just because you can nab a 10-pound bag of apples doesn’t mean you will actually be able to eat the fruit before it goes bad!


Purchasing a pallet of soda is just like purchasing a pallet of toilet paper; it may look like a whole lot of product, but buying smaller packs is generally more inexpensive at your local grocer.

To see just how much cheaper some of these items are priced elsewhere, be sure to watch the video below.

Pretty surprising stuff, huh?

Since we surely have your full attention now, we’re going to share 7 even more surprising Costco fails with you. We’ve certainly made some of these shopping mistakes in the past. Have you?

  1. Diapers

    Unless you are a proud parent of twins, purchasing one size of diapers in bulk generally isn’t the best idea! Little ones grow fast—so fast, in fact, they could outgrow the product before that box of 192 diapers runs out.

  2. Unhealthy Snacks

    Unless you are shopping for a large family reunion, there’s no reason for you to be purchasing 5 pounds of chocolate covered pretzels. Just remember: health first, savings second.

  3. Books

    Sure, the retailer often has stacks full of bestsellers at decent prices, but if you are looking for a real deal, stick to used bookstores or e-book downloads. Of course, if you want to save some serious change, you can always hit up your public library!

  4. Sunscreen

    All sunscreens come with expiration dates, which means, if you buy too much of the product you could end up with a bunch of “turned” lotion. Better to pay a couple of bucks more for fresh batches from the drug store.

  5. Office Supplies

    These days, office supply stores like Staples and Office Depot are rolling out amazing deals on goods like printer paper, tape, and pens. It may take a bit of searching, but these retailers are known for their quarterly blowout sales where reams of paper can be purchased for as low as one cent. Keep an eye out and stock up then!

  6. Ground Spices

    Bulk spices can be a great option for avid home chefs who favor certain flavors, but there is absolutely no need to fork out cash for a full set. You see, some ground spices have a shelf life as short as 6 months, meaning you won’t be getting that bang for your buck unless each and every one is used regularly.

  7. Unknown Items

    Just because a product is well-priced doesn’t mean you have to buy a year’s supply of it! Unless you absolutely KNOW that you are going to consume it well before its expiration date, then it’s simply not worth the risk.

We can’t wait to hear your take on these Costco fails! Do you think that any of these items should be removed from the list? What is the best product to buy in bulk? Do you have a special shopping strategy to tackle the behemoth that is Costco?