Learn How To Correctly Apply Your Foundation

Foundation is a makeup necessity – it’s the foundation of you look, hence the name. But even though this step in your makeup routine may seem basic, it’s possible that you’ve been doing it wrong. And if your foundation is wrong, you’re on your way to a less-than-perfect look. Makeup experts from the Oprah Winfrey Network collaborated to come up with this simple application technique that will help you get flawless foundation every time. Watch the video below to see how to correctly apply your foundation.

To get started on your perfect look, you’ll just need a few basic makeup tools:


– A damp makeup sponge
– Liquid foundation
– Loose powder
– Powder brush
– Foundation brush

STEP 1: Dab some foundation on the back of your hand and work your foundation brush into it.
STEP 2: Starting at your nose, brush your makeup on in long, downward strokes.
STEP 3: Brush outward from the center of your face, towards under your eyes and around your mouth.
STEP 4: Use a damp sponge to blend the foundation in.
STEP 5: Use powder brush to gently brush powder onto your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) only.

Pro Tip: Only apply foundation where there is redness, for instance, your chin, forehead, or around your nose. If your cheeks are not prone to redness or breakouts, leave the skin there as is.

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