13 People Share Their Most Controversial Opinions on Food

Food & Wine

Food is not all created equal. There’s a reason different food gets a better rep than others, or other foods are seen as gag-worthy. For example, it’s rare you find someone who hates pizza but loves anchovies.

However, there ARE these people who exist—and they just admitted their controversial opinions on certain types of food for the world to see. Here are the surprising answers below!

  1. Lobster

  2. Ketchup

  3. Any Type of Meat

  4. Watermelon

  5. Fruit Pies

  6. Thanksgiving Foods

  7. Oreos

  8. Pizza

  9. Starbucks

  10. Chocolate Chips in Baked Goods

  11. Mac & Cheese

  12. Sweet Potatoes

  13. Oysters

Do you love a food most people hate, or hate a food most people love? Share your controversial food opinion!