15 People Share the Most Controversial Food Opinions They Think They Have

Fluffy buttermilk pancakes zing with bright lemony flavor from real lemon zest and juice, and plenty of poppy seeds add a subtle crunch.TipHero

Not everyone shares the same opinion about what tastes good and what doesn’t. Some people have a sweet tooth. Some people prefer their food salty. Other people have think pretty odd foods are simply delicious.

There are many foods that generally liked by a lot of people. That’s why you see the same sorts of menu items at a lot of restaurants. These foods include hamburgers, french fries, chicken, rice and ice-cream.

Just because a food is commonly liked, doesn’t mean that everyone likes it. On the flip side, just because a certain food is unpopular doesn’t mean that nobody likes it. There are lots of unpopular opinions when it comes to food, and some people are sharing these unpopular opinions on Twitter.

It all started when Twitter user @jonbecker_ invited others to share their “controversial food opinions.”

Many Twitter users stepped up to the challenge. While some of their food opinions are unpopular, we actually agree with a few of them. Scroll down to see if you agree with any of these controversial opinions about food.

  1. Meat

  2. Lettuce

  3. Hidden Veggies

  4. Olives

  5. Gross vs Great

  6. Peanut Butter

  7. Pizza

  8. Mocha

  9. Sugar

  10. Vegan Food

  11. Picky Eaters

  12. Cookies

  13. Thanksgiving

  14. Bacon

  15. Pancakes and Waffles