13 People Share the Commonly Mispronounced Phrases That Always Bug Them to Hear

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We all have our pet peeves. These are habits that some people don’t mind, but other people find horribly annoying. Sometimes this habit might be something really hard to change, like the way we talk.

Reddit user Johncamp28 asked, “What mispronounced word or phrase annoys you the most?” Reddit users shared lots of great examples of commonly mispronounced words and phrases that really, really bother them. 

Scroll down to discover what words and phrases really bother people when they are not pronounced correctly. You might find yourself nodding in agreement, or you might realize you’ve been mispronouncing a word or phrase your entire life without even knowing it.

  1. “could care” vs “couldn’t care”

    Reddit user phthong678 wrote:

    I could care lessEdit- it’s supposed to be I couldn’t care less

  2. “should of”

    its_average added:

    “Should of” instead of “should have” drives me f***ing insane

  3. Several Great Examples

    My_Diet_DrKelp shared:

    Supposably (supposedly)libarry (library) pitcher (picture)

  4. Very Annoying Phrases

    gobigred3562 answered:

    Irregardless, for all intensive purposes, I done told you twiced, don’t axe me diss question no mo. They’re dudn’t seem to be no way to get there moufs to stop runnin’ here their and every wear.

  5. Don’t Add an Extra Syllable

    idiotsavant419 wrote:

    Detail orientated instead of detail oriented. Please no. You sound like an idiot who is trying to sound smart.

  6. It’s a Completely Different Word

    Bach2Bach shared:

    “I want to axe you a question.”

  7. This Would Bother Me Too

    salmonslatestfuckup answered:

    “it’s” instead of “its” as the possessive pronoun of “it”Instead of saying ‘Present’ when it comes time to explain your project, people in my school like to say ‘Presentate’

  8. Changing “M” to “N”

    Another Reddit user explained:

    Former colleague would always say renember instead of remember and it bothered me a lot lol

  9. Using “Literally” Wrong

    SlickStretch wrote:

    Using “literally” to describe something ridiculous.”It was so funny I literally died.” Do you people even know what “literally” means?

  10. The “S” Is Not Silent

    DoYouLoveIt11 added:

    Specifically, I want to murder people that say pacifically

  11. “Paella”

    Another Reddit user answered:

    PaellaThe double L is Spanish has a hard Y sound. As a Spanish speaker, it annoys me to hear the double L mispronounced any time, but paella is a popular enough dish where people should know better, so I cringe every time.

  12. “The” Instead of “of a”

    NoIDontHvYlwNorco shared:

    All the sudden or all of the sudden.It is “all of a sudden”.

  13. “Mischievous”

    2Girls_1Truck explained:

    “Mischievous”Where the hell did some people come up with “miss-CHEE-vee-us”? It is clearly pronounced “MISS-chuv-us”. As in, mischief-like. Possessing mischief.