Dog Owner Creates A Comic Responding to Why People Go Through So Much Trouble For “Just a Dog”


There are two kinds of people in this world: Dog lovers and those who aren’t fond of the creatures. The latter may wonder why people go through so much trouble for an animal—they’re smelly! They lick you! They always follow you around! Where’s good? Why treat them like a part of the family?

The truth is, it can be hard to understand why dog people love their pups so much if you’re not truly in the situation. But one dog owner (and French artist) finally came up with a way to explain it to non-dog people—in a comic that just went viral.

Her name is Lucille, but she goes by “Notidee,” and his dog’s name is Neos and the comic is pure magic. “I have been flooded with messages from pet owners around the world telling me about the animals they share their lives with and how this comic conveyed the way they felt about their dogs, cats, birds, and other critters,” she said of her art.

The comic came from inspiration of his own life. You see, it wasn’t all fun and games when Neos came into Notidee’s world. “Neos is a five years old Japanese Spitz who single-handedly shattered my world when he got here,” Notidee said. “He came to me at three months old [with health and reactivity issues], forcing me to relearn everything I thought I knew about dogs from the ground up.”

Reactivity is common in a lot of dogs—it’s when a dog may react largely to something seemingly small—barking, lunging, generally just being upset, the works. It can really wreak havoc on not only the dog, but the owner too.

“Dedicated pet owners, and in particular those tending for the needs of reactive or more fragile animals, will usually puzzle their entourage by the amount of work, money and time they will put into making life a little easier for their pets,” Notidee said. “I had the hope that this comic could help build a bridge between Neos and I, and the people around us who struggle to understand us, but didn’t think the message would resonate with so many.”

The comic begins by talking about all those things that, from the outside, might make it seem like a pain to own a dog. “There’s the fancy food,” the comic reads. “The toys, the gear, the expensive treatments…the numerous books and course on all things dog. And not to forget the time investment.”

But then it hits you right in the feels—and perfectly explains why it ruly isn’t “just a dog.” And really, it’s noo trouble at all.

Check out he comic below.

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Posted by Notidee on Monday, February 15, 2021

Are you a dog person? How do agree with this comic?