Comedian’s Impeccable Robin Williams Impression Has People Wanting a Full-Length Movie

Jamie Costa

Robin Williams was a legendary comedian, and his death was tragic and shocking. The world lost one of the greats. It has been 7 years since he died, and the idea of seeing a movie about this life seems very appealing, especially with the right actor playing Williams.

Comedian Jamie Costa thinks he’s up for the job which currently doesn’t even exist. There currently isn’t a movie about Williams’ life in development, but Costa doesn’t care. He’s proving that there should be one and that he should be cast in the leading role.

Costa posted a 5 minute video on YouTube which he titled, “ROBIN Test Footage Scene.” The scene is set in 1982 on the Paramount backlot. Costa as Williams is running lines for his role as Mork on the sit-com “Mork and Mindy.” He is fully in character when Sarah Murphree, who is playing Pam Dawber, the actress who played Mindy on the show, interrupts him with some important and tragic news.

In the footage, Costa proves that his is great at more than just having a spot on impersonation of Robin Williams. He is also an amazing actor who can show a wide range of emotions. This is quite an emotional scene when the actor is happy, sad and confused. Watch this incredible video for yourself below.

The video has only been posted for 2 days, and it already has well over a million views and thousands of comments. Many people want to see a full-length movie of Williams’ life, and they want Costa to play Williams. One comment reads, “If there was ever to be a full-length movie you’re a natural.”

Another viewer wrote, “This is absolutely incredible. Make this full length movie and hire this man NOW!”

Yet another person commented, “I literally got goosebumps! I have never seen an actor transform into someone so well-known, and make you feel you are seeing the original….he should win an OSCAR for this clip alone!!!!”

What did you think of Costa’s impression of Williams? Do you think he should be cast in a full-length version of a movie about Williams’ life?