Comedian Tackles Confusing COVID Rules and Regs

Trey Kennedy

If there is one thing that a massive group of people need when they’re facing a crisis, it’s guidance. We’re all doing our best, sure, but if you don’t know anything about the situation you’re in, your best may not be enough. So when it comes to pandemic best-practices, many of us have looked to the experts, like CDC regulations, government officials, and others to help us out. The trouble is, the rules of a safe, happy, healthy life in the time of COVID seem to constantly change and conflict with each other!

Maybe it’s because some folks are just ignoring the spirit of the rules in favor of technicalities, maybe it’s because we get new information every day and we’ve never really faced something like this before. Whatever the reason, I feel like we really need a break from it and a chance to laugh at the madness around us. Enter Trey Kennedy.

Trey Kennedy is a popular YouTuber, known for his skillfully executed characters that somehow stay light and positive while cracking us up with some biting sarcasm. So if you’re tired of all the nonsense, too, take a break and check out how Trey Kennedy tackles COVID logic in this recent video:



What’s your favorite piece of “COVID logic” right now? Are there any that you would defend? Let us know!