Comedian Dave Chappelle Says He’s Willing To Meet With Trans Groups Who Criticized His Recent Special

New York Post

Netflix employees have been very vocal about their feelings about Dave Chappelle’s special “The Closer” which has been airing on the streaming platform since October 5, 2021. Many of them feel that Chappelle made comments in the special that are transphobic and homophobic. In response, employees protested outside the Netflix offices.

Trans Netflix employees say they have asked Chappelle to meet with them but that Chappelle refused. In a new video post on Instagram, Chappelle claims that’s simply not true.

Chappelle posted a 5-minute long video on Instagram yesterday explaining that he is willing to meet with the trans community, but he has 3 demands. He stated, “First of all, you cannot come if you have not watched my special from beginning to end. You must come to a place of my choosing and a time of my choosing. And thirdly, you must admit that Hannah Gadsby is not funny.” Gadsby is a trans comedian.

Besides saying that he is willing to meet with members of the trans community, Chappelle also said that he doesn’t understand why they’re complaining. For staters, he said, “Everyone I know from that community has been nothing but loving and supporting, so I don’t know what all this nonsense is about.” In addition, he claims, “You said you want a safe working environment at Netflix. Well, it seems like I’m the only one that can’t go to the office anymore.” He went on to thank Ted Sarandos at Netflix, saying, “He’s the only one that didn’t cancel me yet.”

Chappelle filmed a movie called “Untitled” during the pandemic, and he said there was a lot of interest in it before this controversy. Now, no film festival or movie company wants to touch it. He wants to make sure his fans are still able to see it, so he is launching a 10-city tour to show the movie. He said, “You can judge for yourself, but you cannot have this conversation and exclude my voice from it. That is only fair. You have to answer the question, am I canceled or not?”

You can hear Chappelle’s side of the story for yourself in the video below.

Do you think anyone from the trans community will take Chappelle up on his over to meet with him under his three terms? Do you think Chappelle is “canceled”? Have you seen his comedy special “The Closer” on Netflix? Are you going to see “Untitled” when it’s in a city near you?