These Color-Changing Tumblers from Starbucks Are Here to Make Your Iced Coffee a Whole Lot Prettier

When the weather changes from snowy days to warm, sunny ones we often change our coffee order too. In the winter we prefer our coffee hot, but in the summer iced coffee, Frappuccinos and cold brew is where it’s at.

At home, for times when we don’t feel like venturing to our local coffee chain, we’ve perfected the art of cold brew. It’s also great for mornings when the kids wake us up so early that we desperately need a caffeine injection stat in order to function. (Kind of kidding.)

Otherwise, we love the variety of flavors offered at our local coffee chains, and with the new addition that Starbucks just added, we’re even more in love. This time, it’s not a new Frappuccino flavor. No, it’s actually a cup.

We know a coffee cup can seem kind of boring and a strange reason to want to visit Starbucks, but you’re probably picturing a paper or plastic cup that you’ll toss in the trash when your beverage is gone. That’s not what we’re talking about.

Starbucks is now selling a set of reusable coffee cups that come with lids and straws. They’re designed for iced coffee, Frappuccino, etc. Still not excited? Thinking that maybe you already have one of those? Just wait. You might realize you need another one or five.


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These cups are color changing, as in, when you add a cold beverage to the cup, it literally changes colors. The best part is that every cup included in the set of 5 is a different color. No two are the same. There’s one that changes from light pink to a coral red. Another one changes from yellow to emerald green. A third cup changes from light blue to cobalt blue. Yet another cup changes from light orange to tangerine. And the last cup is our personal favorite. It changes from teal to raspberry pink.

The lids and straws come in a variety of colors too. The straws come in yellow, green, orange, red and blue while the lids come in green, light blue, cobalt blue, red and yellow. You can mix and match to your heart’s content.


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This set of 5 cups, lids and straws will set you back $16.95, and each one holds a generous 24 ounces.

Which reusable color changing cup would be your new go-to cup? What color straw and lid would you pair with it? What’s your favorite Starbucks beverage in the summer?