Student Cuts Her Hair for the 1st Time in 5 Years

Sometimes, all you need is a new look to take your mood from blah to bubbly. Seriously, whenever I’m feeling in a rut, going to get my hair cut and styled in a new, fun way always gives me a whole few zest for life! It’s fun to play with new styles and your confidence afterwards just goes through the roof.

Plus, it’s nice to be pampered every once and while, isn’t it?

Well, pampering is exactly what college teen Libby received while on spring break in New York City with her friends. The group traveled from Xavier College in Colorado to support their basketball team, but they also took the opportunity to stop by the Today show plaza where Libby was selected for an ambush makeover.

The college student had gone five years without cutting her hair and rarely ever wearing makeup, so she and her friends were thrilled to see what the stylist were going to do with her.

While her friends wait on stage wearing blindfolds, Libby walks out with her sleek new look complete with high heels and a gorgeous new outfit. Before taking a look for herself, her friends remove the blindfolds and proceed to completely freak out! Libby then turns to the mirror to see herself and lets out a genuine scream of excitement!

This is one of the sweetest reactions we’ve ever seen post-makeover; you can tell they all love the new look, especially Libby!

Libby was already a beautiful girl, but with her long, frizzy hair lobbed off a bit, it brings out her beauty in a whole new way. Stylist Louis Licari explained that as a college-aged girl, she wanted to keep her hair longer. However, you can still have structured shape with long hair, as her feathery waves would show us!

With some highlights to lighten up her brown hair and her makeup flawlessly done, Libby looks like she is bursting with a fresh feeling of confidence! We’re so happy that her amazing makeover has really made her shine more than before.

What do you think of Libby’s before and after looks? Share your thoughts on this gorgeous transformation in the comment section below.