11 People Share the Cleverest Comebacks They’ve Ever Encountered

How many times has someone said something to you and you’ve thought of a clever comeback hours later? That’s the worst, isn’t it?

Luckily, these people were able to think of a perfect comeback to people’s comments on the spot—and they’re some of the best ones we’ve seen. Check them out below, and then share the cleverest comeback you’ve ever encountered!

  1. A Valuable Lesson

    Walked right into that one.

  2. Poem or Smoothie?

    11 People Share the Cleverest Comebacks They\'ve Ever Encountered

    Same thing, right?

  3. Quiet, Gramps

    So shiny.

  4. Grammar Police

    How ironic.

  5. No Garage

    Now what?

  6. Super Bri ish

    Get it?

  7. A Bitter Defeat

    Dad joked the dad…but then got dad joked by a dad…

  8. Not Cute


  9. Video Games vs. Football

    Good point, 4-year-old.

  10. Sad Books

    Roger that.

  11. British/American Language

    …And other kinds, too.

What’s the most clever comeback you’ve ever witnessed?