Mother-of-2 Says That Her Apartment Complex Accidentally Cleared Out Her Entire Home


When you rent an apartment and put your belongings inside, you would think they would be safe. You lock the door. You bring the key with you. Unless there were a robbery, everything should be where you left it when you return home. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for a mom of two.

Myrohn Guthrie has lived in unit 1331 at the Gateway Plaza Townhomes in Kansas City, Kansas, for two years. She and her children have enjoyed many happy times in their apartment. They have celebrated holidays, played together and lived life. Guthrie took pictures along the way not knowing that one day she would walk inside her apartment and find everything missing.

When Guthrie returned home to her apartment one day, she was in for a huge shock. She took a video that has now gone viral. That video showed a completely empty apartment. The furniture, clothes, food, everything had disappeared.

Guthrie talked to the office at the Gateway Plaza Townhomes, but they haven’t been much help. They assumed it was a robbery until Guthrie insisted this is not what a robbery looks like. There were no signs of forced entry, and literally everything was gone. Eventually, the apartment complex realized what happened. They had accidentally cleaned out the wrong unit.

Watch the video below to see Guthrie’s empty apartment for yourself and to find out more about this unfortunate mistake.

If Guthrie had renters insurance, the insurance company would replace her belongings. Unfortunately, she does not have renters insurance. In this case, since the apartment complex threw away her belongings due to a mistake on their end, do you think the apartment complex should replace Guthrie’s belongings?