Surprising Oven Cleaning Life-Hack

Cleaning is not fun, but we all have to do it. While I’ve yet to see any “life-hacks” that make the proper, hands-and-knees scrubbing and scouring cleaning feel more “fun” and less “is this what it’s like to almost be 30?” I do see a LOT of content on the internet about how to make that deep scouring at least a little less of a battle.
This is usually done in one of two ways- 1.) using a tried and true method that we have all just seemed to have plum forgotten about or 2.) using a cleaning product or household item that we already have to do something else with it. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen plenty of examples on TikTok. This time I’m taking it old school, though, and bringing you a tip straight from Reader’s Digest. That’s right, folks, they’re still around and still full of excellent information!
This time they come to us with a new way to clean the oven door. Now, to me, this is revolutionary. I bake a lot of really finicky things where you cannot – CANNOT – open the oven or you will ruin the entire batch. So I really REALLY need to be able to see through the oven window and get a good look inside. Unfortunately, most oven windows get pretty grimy pretty quickly and you don’t always have a WHOLE afternoon to sit around and let it clean itself or get in there with some elbow grease and do it yourself. Enter: this excellent new time-saving cleaning hack!
I’ll save you some trouble and give you the most important deats up front:
Get yourself a dishwasher tablet.
Those little pods you pop in the dishwasher every day are here to rescue you from scrubbing again!
It’s really important that you get the kind that are made of pressed powder and not gel. Gel is not going to help you get that gunk off your oven window, but the abrasive powder that so many dishwasher tablets are made up of very well may!
Once you’ve got a pressed-powder dishwasher tablet, the only other thing that you need is a bowl of warm water. You’re all set and ready to clean! Here we go!
  • Step 1: Dip the pod in warm water
  • Step 2: Hold it in the water long enough to soak up a bit, but not so long that it starts to crumble
  • Step 3: Use the tablet to scrub, no sponge needed
  • Step 4: Laying the tablet flat, use your palm to move the tablet in a circular motion to scrub away the stains


Et voila! A clean oven window that you didn’t have to fight tooth and nail for. Bake all the delicate things you want now that your oven window is actually usable. (Maybe I’m projecting, but before this hack, my oven window was AMAZINGLY opaque)


What do you think? Is this a surprising hack? Had you heard of it before? Are you going to try it? If so, let us know how it goes!