Church Goes Viral For Their Openness and Their Amazing Signs

clackamasucc via Instagram

Most churches have pretty boring signs. They use the sign as you would expect. It might tell you when the next service is, like 10am Sunday morning, for example. It might tell you about a special Christmas event that’s coming up. Maybe there’s a Bible verse on the sign. Churches usually don’t get much more creative than that, and that’s ok.

Then there’s Clackamas United Church of Christ in Milwaukie, Oregon. This church uses it’s church sign to spread inspirational messages and stand up for causes they believe in. Their church sign is anything but boring. Instead, it encourages love, openness and acceptance. 

According to their Facebook page, “We embrace the Gospel tradition of progressive involvement in issues that uphold the rights, dignity, and equality of all people under God. And we think Jesus is pretty awesome…All are welcome.”

When they say, “All are welcome,” they mean it. Scroll down for some very unconventional messages this church has shared on their church sign.