How to Nail a Festive Christmas Tree Manicure

Are you busy bedecking the halls, walls, and rooms of your home with holiday decorations? Are you one of those people who likes to bedeck themselves too, just like your house? The holiday spirit takes over from head to toe: clothes, makeup, or jewelry, you name it.

Whether you do it for a party or the 12 days leading up to Christmas, there are over-the-top and low-key ways to add a holiday touch to your look. We’re not talking Santa hats either. Instead, you can rock some festive nail art to bring some sparkle without having to touch a light-up sweater.

These Christmas tree designs by vlogging channel CutePolish will inspire you to become an overnight nail artist. The shimmery, the shiny, and the glittery all join hands to make your nails bright, making for the perfect holiday manicure. The voice of Minnie guides you through five ways to DIY these, and we’ve highlighted two here. Be sure to watch the vid below for more ideas!

Christmas Tree Nail Designs


  • Glitter nail polish in multiple colors
  • Clear base coat polish
  • Top coat polish
  • Polish color of choice
  • Toothpicks
  • Clear tape
  • Nail striping tape
  • Cosmetic sponges


  1. Add a Base

    Apply clear base coat to nail. Allow to dry.

  2. Paint & Tape It

    Polish the nail with two coats of your foundation color. Dry completely. Place two pieces of tape on the nail, forming a “V” with the point facing the nail’s tip.

  3. Add Glitter

    Apply glitter polish to a cosmetic sponge, and dab it onto the nail. The sponge will absorb excess liquid and leave only the glitter on the nail. It’s okay if some seeps onto the tape.

  4. Remove the Tape

    Remove the tape, and you’ll have a triangle shape for your tree.

  5. Decorate It

    Using a different shade of glitter polish, grab a toothpick and dip it into the polish. Dot the nail with the toothpick to create ball ornaments on the tree.

  6. Top it Off

    For the finishing touch, Minnie dipped a toothpick into the polish brush, picking up pieces of glitter. Hold the toothpick steady and add three spots atop the tree, shaped into a glittery “V”. Apply top coat.

  7. Make Stripes

    For a different design technique, you can create a Christmas tree with fancy string. Follow the first two steps outlined above. Next, take a few pieces of striping tape and lay it across the exposed foundation polish, forming a striped pattern like a Christmas tree garland.

  8. Get Your Glitter

    Paint some glitter polish (like the red Minnie uses) onto a cosmetic sponge. Dab the glitter onto the taped nail.

  9. Peel the Tape

    Peel both sets of tape from the nail, revealing a decorative tree. As Minnie states, if the glitter slides out of place, fix the small mistakes with a toothpick.

  10. Dab It

    Dab a tiny gold dot at the top of the tree with a clean toothpick! Apply a layer of top coat polish.

You can become a nail artist on your own! Press play on the video for CutePolish’s other festive nail designs. Would you try these cute ideas this season? How do you normally do your nails for the holidays? Share in the comments!