You Can Be ‘That’ Mom at the Holiday Party This Year By Rocking Christmas Tree Hair

Some people go all out for the holidays, no matter which one it is. We love the green explosion on St. Paddy’s Day, we appreciate the gore and originality we see on Halloween, but Christmas offers much more than spectacular lights and U-G-L-Y sweaters.

Don’t believe us? From the universe that is social media, we bring Christmas tree hair! Not to be outdone by the ornament beard or unicorn hair, the hairstyle is one part festive, one part adventurous, and two parts reminiscent of some Dr. Seuss characters.

It’s not a hat. It’s not just a dye job. It is a towering cone of holly, stars, garland, and every other decoration imaginable that stands atop the head. The style blew up on the scene in 2016 as if it was ripped straight from a couture runway.

Prior to that, you could spot a few tutorials on the web, but the trend was not as popular as it is now. Sure, it may look somewhat bizarre or silly, but people are having a ball with it.

As with Christmas trees, most of the labor lies with assembling the “tree” so it can stay upright. No one wants a lopsided tree, do they? This feat is achieved by using several tricks. One can create a cone shape by making one with cardboard, or by purchasing a foam version from the store.

Another way to get the shape down pat is to use an empty water bottle. Wrap the hair around your shape and secure it with hair pins or hair bands. Prefer to skip the mold? Style your tresses into an extra tall ponytail or bun and make it work with your accessories.

If you wish, use hair spray to help it maintain a sturdy hold. Decorate and make it funky until your heart’s content. You could also take a trip to the salon and get it professionally done like this style on the right from Teased.

Those who dare to get into the spirit with this funny trend are sharing all sorts of pictures on Instagram. You’ll find hair that has been spray painted green, doused with glitter, and topped with a star. Others made it special by adding battery operated Christmas lights or UV black light accents to their hair. Partying in a dark room will never be the same.

Dangling balls, pom-poms, and red satin ribbons adorn these whimsical ‘dos that we’re seeing on guys and little kids too. Not all the fun is to be had by spirited moms and artistic gals. People are going to parties, school, and work with their hair trees in full force.

There are a few warnings to be mindful of in case you want to try this style out. If you have cats, rethink it. Consider your car ceiling’s height if you will be riding around in public like this because either your hair or neck could get hurt. Do not forget to dismantle this at bedtime, even if you come home a little tipsy.

Do you think these holiday hairstyles are cute? Will you be doing this for an event this year? Which of these photos are your favorite?