Christian Dad Shares How He Learned To Accept His Trans Daughter In Emotional Speech

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Some people feel that trans-gender student athletes should not be allowed to compete on sports teams that are different then their gender that was assigned at birth. For example, they feel that a child who was born a boy but identifies as a girl should not be allowed to compete on girls sports teams including volleyball, basketball, the list goes on.

The reason some people feel that trans-gender athletes should not be allowed to compete is that their gender at birth might give them an unfair advantage. There are currently bills in 20 states to try to change the laws and prevent trans athletes from competing, particularly in girls sports.

According to a pediatrician and geneticist named Dr. Eric Villain, genetically male individuals can have an advantage over genetically female individuals by about 10-12% due to the presence of the hormone testosterone. It’s important to note that this hormone doesn’t provide an advantage in all sports, and it’s not really even an issue until puberty hits. Since many trans gender people chose to delay puberty, is it even an issue?

Villain explained, “At a high school level, many trans youth do delay their puberty, which means that even if they are not taking these gender-affirming hormones, their natural puberty in their biological sex is not happening, therefore resulting in a delay and an absence of an effect on muscle mass, at least for the male-to-female situation. So the supposed advantage of muscle mass and red blood cells because of testosterone becomes moot in middle and often high school competitions when there have been puberty blockers involved.”

So, on one side, some people are worried about an unfair competitive advantage. On the other side, parents are worried about their children not being allowed to be part of a team and enjoy playing sports like their friends.

Brandon Boulware has four children. Three were born as males, and one was born as a girl. According to a speech he made at the Missouri state House, one of his biologically male children “never smiled.” This father shared that he refused to let his son wear girl clothes and play with girl toys. He was adamant that his son look and act like a boy even though doing so made this child so unhappy. Now, he refers to this child as his daughter.

In a moving speech, Boulware shared how he came to accept that his child was meant to be a girl and that he needed to let her be who she was meant to be. He also shared why this means it is so important for the state of Missouri to allow her to play on girls sports teams.ย 

Watch part of Boulware’s moving speech about his daughter in the video below.


Boulware gave this speech on his daughter’s birthday. He didn’t tell her he was giving this speech. One person on Twitter pointed out that this is the best birthday present he could ever give his daughter and that one day she will appreciate it.

Do you think trans gender athletes should be allowed to complete in high school sports?