Chrissy Teigen Reveals the Tattoo She Recently Got to Honor the Baby She Lost

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen recently experienced one of the hardest experiences parents could ever live through. About half-way through Teigen’s pregnancy with their third child, a boy who they had been calling Jack, Teigen lost the pregnancy and had to deliver a very premature baby she knew would not survive.

Teigen shared the loss publicly on Instagram including photos that showed her crying in the hospital. She later said that since she was public about the pregnancy she felt that she needed to be public about the pregnancy loss as well.

In October, Legend performed a song at the Billboard Music Awards that he dedicated to Teigen. The song was titled “Never Break,” and including powerful lyrics like, “Whenever life is hard/ We’ll never lose our way” and “Built on a foundation/ Stronger than the pain.”

The lyrics seem to speak to the strength of their marriage and their family. They imply that even though they are grieving they will survive. Singing this song at the awards show was probably an important way for Legend to process his own grief.

Now, Teigen has revealed another sweet way she is coping with the loss of her son. She posted a photo on Twitter where she appears to be holding hands with Legend. What’s notable is what’s written on her arm. 

There is a tattoo on Teigen’s arm that has been there awhile. It spells out the names of her husband and daughter, 4 year old Luna, and her son, 2 year old Miles. It also showed off a new tattoo that’s not connected to the others. 

Just below Teigen’s wrist is a tattoo that reads “Jack,” the name of the son who didn’t survive but will never be forgotten.

Many people have commented on Teigen’s photo sharing photos of their own tattoos that they had after pregnancy loss.

Do you have any tattoos?  Would you ever consider getting a tattoo to honor a lost loved one?