Chris Rock Makes Joke About Will Smith’s Infamous Oscars Slap

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. The actor walked on stage and slapped the comedian in the face. It was all due to a joke Rock made about Smith’s wife’s shaved head. Apparently it was a sensitive subject.

Smith has since apologized for his actions, and Jada Pinkett Smith, Smith’s wife, has even talked about her shaved head on her show “Red Table Talk.” However, Rock hasn’t been too vocal about what happened. That seems to be changing.

Shortly after the Oscars slap, Rock was performing stand-up, but he made it clear to the audience he wouldn’t be joking about what happened at the Oscars, at least not yet. He had to process what happened first, and he claimed the jokes would come when he was ready.

Months later, during the Netflix is a Joke comedy festival, comedian Dave Chapelle was attacked on stage while performing at the Hollywood Bowl. After the attack, Rock put his arm around Chapelle and joked “Was that Will Smith?” That was Rock’s first joke about the incident, but it seems he’s finally ready for more.

During the Only Headliners Allowed comedy tour at Madison Square Garden in New York City, Rock was on stage performing stand-up, and according to a source who talked to ET, Rock made a joke about the Oscars incident. The source explained, “Chris made a joke about Will during a bit about ‘cancel culture,’ joking that ‘anyone who says words hurt has never been punched in the face.”

Chapelle was a surprise performer at the comedy fest. He was on stage for about 20 minutes, and he joked about the incident at the Hollywood Bowl. According to ET’s source, “Chapelle was a surprise opener and when he walked out, everyone went nuts.”

At one point, Chapelle, Rock and Kevin Hart were all on stage together. During this time, Hart surprised Rock with a goat, the live animal kind, but it was also a metaphor for GOAT meaning greatest of all time. The goat’s name was the punch line – Will Smith.

Watch the video below to see a fan recorded video from the part of the show where Chapelle, Rock and Hart are all on stage with a goat named Will Smith.

Do you think Rock will continue to joke about the incident with Smith at the Oscars during future performances? Does it surprise you that he’s joking about it already?