How to Pull Back Your Hair with Chopsticks

If you have long hair and you’re looking to get it out of your face in an easy, stylish way, do we have the tip for you. This hairstyle looks amazing and is shockingly easy to accomplish – considering you’re putting your hair up only using chopsticks. While you can always pull your long hair back with headbands and hair ties, this technique is not only proven to work (hundreds of thousands of satisfied YouTube comments can attest to how well your hair stays in this style) but it’s a jazzy new way you liven up your usual look! Watch the easy-to-follow tutorial below to see how it’s done.

Our apologies to people with shorter hair – trust me, I feel your pain – this is a hair trick best done on longer hair. And the thicker, the better. Katie, the lovely person showing off the technique in the video has NEVER had her hair cut. It’s 4 feet long and beautifully thick…so that gives you an idea of what type of hair this works best on.

If you’re rocking that hair type yourself, you should be able to nail this hairstyle! It’s easy to accomplish if you follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Part your hair as you would (she parts down the center), pulling your hair straight back into a ponytail in your left hand (or your right hand if you’re left handed).
STEP 2: Using your free hand, flip your pony over the hand holding the base of your hair.
STEP 3: Pull the hair underneath the pony and wrap it around the base of the ponytail as many times as you need to (the longer your hair, the more wrapping you’ll do).
STEP 4: Take your chopstick and push it through the loop you’ve created. It should run along the back of your hand.
STEP 5: Turn the chopstick so it’s facing the way it just came and, pushing it so it’s running along your scalp gently, push it back through to secure. Optional: slide in a second chopstick at a different angle for some added flare.

This hairstyle is secure, even with just one chopstick, and is perfect for ladies with long hair who need their locks to stay back! In a pinch, you can also you pencils to secure your hair, and we definitely suggest taking a look at some of our other favorite pencil buns, too!