Beauty Vlogger Shares Her Best Tips for Avoiding Chipped Nail Polish

Chipped nail polish is not cute, and you know it. It’s annoying when you’ve just gotten your nails done and two days later some of it has flaked off. Sometimes you fix it and other times you don’t.

You might even be one of those people who likes your nail polish shaped like countries with crumbling borders in the middle of your nailbed. Why? Because you let it go. That’s fine if you’re like Elsa and chipped polish never bothers you anyway. Go ahead, smile and stick to your convictions!

But for the rest of you, there are a few things you can do to keep your polish intact without touching it up daily. Prevent the patchy, flaky look and spend less time (and money) on fixing your mani. Watch the video below from beauty vlogger Kelli Marissa where she shares four tips on keeping your polish fresh. We’ve outlined two here!

Skip the Moisturizer

How many times have you had a manicure and the nail tech creams or oils your hands up? They’ll do that step before painting them, and you follow that technique when doing your own nails. It’s true that using moisturizer is beneficial for your nails, but there’s a better way to apply it and protect your hands.

Kelli explains that cuticle oil or other hand lotions can oversaturate the moisture in the nail, making it too soft or slick for the nail polish to stick. This contributes to peeling. She suggests polishing your nails first and then saving the moisturizer for the end of the manicure. Make sure your polish is dry!

Use a Base Coat

Tell the truth. How many of you really use a base coat? Do they apply it at the nail shop you regularly visit? If you’re like Kelli, then you’ve probably been missing out on this key step, thinking it’s unnecessary. It really does make a difference in the lifespan of your polish, though.

Kelli shares three magical properties of base coats, and they totally make sense. One is that it prevents the polish from staining your nail. If you ever noticed nail discoloration after removing funky colors like electric blue or black, it’s because you skipped your base.

Another one of the base coat’s powers? The ability to strengthen the nail. It locks in the nail’s natural moisture, and helps stave off nail breakage because of its thick layer of protection. The last thing it does is acts as an adhesive for your nail polish. Like glue, it keeps the color stuck to your fingernail. So, make it about that base!

Check out Kelli’s video for other tricks on keeping your polish chip-free and lasting longer. Don’t forget to request that your nail salon do these things the next time you go for a mani-pedi. For you DIY manicurists, you can round out your routine with these pointers.

Do you already use some of these methods? Which techniques do you use to keep your manicure looking new? Tell us in the comments!