This Spoof of a Children’s Clothing Ad Is Ringing So True for Parents This Holiday Season

Saturday Night Live

The holiday season may not be celebrated the same way by every family, but there are certain things that are pretty common. One of them is sending out holiday cards, and often these cards feature professional family photos. 

Sometimes these family photos have everyone wearing matching outfits. Sometimes the photos are extra festive with ugly Christmas sweaters or holiday pajamas. Sometimes the photos are just of the kids.

Have you ever taken professional photos with kids? If so, you know that a good photographer is truly a miracle worker if he or she can get everyone, and I mean everyone to look at the camera and actually smile.

Why is it so hard to get kids to smile at the camera? Is it the fact that they’d rather be literally anywhere else doing something at least somewhat fun? Is it the fact that they’re wearing uncomfortable clothes that they hate?

You have to wonder why we put ourselves through this every year. Is it really worth it for that perfect Christmas card photo? Maybe. It must be. 

While we’d like the world to believe that these family photos are natural and easy to pull off, Saturday Night Live nailed the reality and parents everywhere are loving it.

In a recent video, it starts out like a normal ad for holiday clothes from Macy’s. Like, at first I seriously thought I was watching an ad on YouTube before the real video. 

Just wait. It gets…real. Watch the hilarity below.

Parents aren’t the only ones who find this viral skit hilarious. One person commented, “I don’t even have kids and I can’t stop laughing at this.”

Can you relate to this skit from SNL? What was your favorite line? I could definitely relate to the part about the baby outfits with all the snaps and the rompers that make it impossible to go to the bathroom.