Cher Reveals the Two Songs of Hers That She Wishes Were Bigger Hits

Wikimedia Commons

Everyone knows who Cher is. She’s easily one of world’s best-selling musical artists. And yet, even the “Goddess of Pop” has her insecurities!

Though she’s sold over 100 million records, Cher recently revealed in a tweet that she wishes two songs of hers, in particular, were bigger hits than they wound up being.

“You Ynow… When I Did SONG FOR THE LONELY & YOU HAVENT SEEN THE LAST OF ME IT BROKE MY HEART THAT THEY WEREN’T BIG HITS,” the 74-year-old wrote on here Twitter. ”I DID MY BEST… .I ALWAYS DO. Funny thing… When I sing them PPL LOVE THEM.”

“Song for the Lonely” was released the year after the attacks on September 11, 2001. It was even dedicated to “the courageous people of New York.” However, the best it was rated was 85 on Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

“At the time, we still lived in a world of innocence, and all I knew was that this was perhaps one of the best songs I’ve ever had the opportunity to sing,” she told Billboard in 2002. “Since the world has changed so dramatically, the lyrics have a different weight. They’re heavier, yet they’re comforting at the same time. Over the past month or so, I’ve had a number of people tell me that the song has helped them cope. What a humbling compliment.”

The second song she mentioned, “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me,” was on the soundtrack for the 2010 movie “Burlesque,” in which Cher starred alongside Christina Aguilera, Kristen Bell, and Stanley Tucci. The song didn’t peak at all on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

“That song, for me, had a lot of meaning,” Cher said back in 2010 in an interview with Fresno Bee. “I have to kind of move over. Not that I’m doing it gracefully, because you’d have to pull me over kicking and screaming.”

Of course, just because they weren’t technically highly rated songs doesn’t mean people didn’t love them. She was flooded with tweets from fans sharing how much they admire her and those songs.

“Are you kidding Cher? Those are two of my favorites!! I feel the emotions all the way down to my bones,” someone wrote.

“’You haven’t seen the last of me’ is my anthem,” another told her. “When life knocks me to my knees again, your voice and that song, remind me that I can stand again that I can keep going. And I do. And I’m grateful to you again.”

“Song for the Lonely is my favorite of your songs,” another said. “Nevermind what the “experts” say. The people love them!!”

Well, the people have spoken! They’re top hits at heart.

Are you a fan of these two songs? What is your all-time favorite song by Cher?