Mom Issues Warning About Black Marks Left on Baby Changing Tables

open changing table with black marksJessica Wayman

It’s scary being a parent nowadays. Having so much information at our disposal can be illuminating, but it can also be distressing, especially if you’re someone who is glued to the news apps on your phone (and, honestly, who isn’t?!). Just this past week, we reported on a child predator warning out of New Jersey in which the state police nabbed two dozen men who were caught preying on young videogamers.

That story includes many of our school-aged children, but while we were researching it, we got to thinking–What about our littlest ones? Are there any hidden dangers that we aren’t protecting them from?

After looking into it, we found one, newly-viral social media post that fit the bill perfectly. It was written by mother, Jessica Wayman, an Indiana resident who took to her Facebook page to educate her friends and family on the risks associated with using public restroom changing tables. According to the mom, these plastic tables aren’t just for diaper changes, drug users in need of a fix routinely use them, too.

The picture, which was just posted this past Sunday, has already been shared a staggering 114,000 times, and it’s not hard to see why– it concerns an everyday parenting task that can turn into something treacherous if not performed hygienically.

After the post officially went viral, Wayman made an edit to give folks a bit more insight on the problem. She revealed that she knows about this problem so intimately because she, herself, is a recovering drug addict. It sure is a brave admission on the mom’s part, and it’s also something that adds some legitimacy to this story.

Very disturbing stuff, but it’s also very important to consider. Remember, moms and dads, wipe down those changing tables before your little one comes into contact with it. Let’s keep our babies healthy!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this story. Are you surprised by this changing table revelation? Have you noticed these black marks before? How do you keep your baby safe in public restrooms?