Celebrity Summer Trend: Swimsuits As Going-Out Tops

palomija via Instagram

Fashion rules are constantly changing, and even rules that we thought were unbreakable are being broken this summer, for example, did you know that wearing a bikini top as a top for a night out is not only acceptable but encouraged by celebs?

We’ve seen examples of multiple celebs wearing full swimsuits or just the swimsuit top with more traditional going out bottoms (like jeans, leggings or shorts) when they are nowhere near the beach or a swimming pool. In fact, it seems to be the new way to beat the heat while still looking hot.

Gone are the days of wondering what coverup to don after a day at the beach or the pool. This new look can go straight from the beach to the hottest club in town. Will the trend stick around next summer? It’s too early to know, but for now, swim style and going-out style have officially collided. Here are a few examples.

Model Paloma Elsesser paired a bikini top with baggy jorts. 


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Meanwhile, Lori Harvey paired a bikini top with matching pants.


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Then there’s Olivia Rodrigo pairing rocking a tankini top around town.


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Wearing a swim top instead of a traditional top might sound odd when you first here it, but many swim tops aren’t that different from crop tops that are often worn at a club or a bar.

Do you think the swim top as a regular top trend will stick around for years to come, or do you think it will be gone for good at the end of summer? Would you ever wear a swim top when you’re not headed to the pool or the beach?