Couple Tries “One Last Time” for a Girl, Ends Up With Quintuplets

Megan Hulen via Faebook

When people start thinking about having a family, they may think of all the wonderful things they’ll do with their boy or girl. They may even begin to develop a hope for one over the other—or at least one of each.

The latter is precisely what Joshua and Megan Hulen wished for when they began their family. But instead of having a boy and a girl, they wound up having two boys. While of course they loved their sons, one 7 and one 2, more than anything, they really wanted a daughter, too.

What’s one more baby, anyway? They already had two—they can handle a third! And so, the two decided to have another. They knew that they were risking having three boys, but they were okay with that! They just had to try.

What they didn’t expect was to get pregnant with FIVE babies—aka quintuplets. Went to our first ultrasound at six weeks and found out that there were five,” Megan said.

While most multiples are developed via IVF, Megan and Joshua didn’t take that route, making the discovery even more outrageous.

“Pretty shocking. Exciting and terrifying all at once, I’d say,” Joshua said.

So, did they at least get their wish of having a girl? Yep—four of them! Chloe, Emma, Allison, Madison, and one boy named Adam, were born on September 2, at 32 weeks. That makes the pregnancy a one in 43 million chance. On top of that, they were the first couple to have quintuplets in the state of North Dakota!

“It’s miraculous but overwhelming all at the same time,” Joshua said.

Megan and Joshua weren’t even sure that the quintuplets were going to make it at one point. “They’re not viable, or one or two vanish, or those types of things happen,” Megan said. “And so we thought, ‘OK, there’s not going to be five. There’s going to be two, three, or something. We went back after a week, and there were five heartbeats.”

Even though it was completely unexpected, the two couldn’t be happier or more grateful. “We’re super excited and happy to have a big family. It’s bigger than what we anticipated, but we’re blessed, and we’re happy about it.”

“And at some point in the future, when we get to sleep again, we’ll be thankful for that too,” Joshua continued.

What would you do if you tried for one more baby and ended up with five more?