Video Footage of Cat Going the Wrong Way on the Escalator Has Gone Viral

C u t e G i r l via Facebook

Cat videos are often popular on social media. Everyone seems to love a good cat video. For whatever reason, the furry pet is super adorable doing pretty much anything, especially anything that cats aren’t really supposed to do.

Recently, one cat in China went viral with a video someone filmed inside a library. We don’t know how the cat got inside the library, but we do know that this must be a pretty big library since there is an escalator inside.

We can only assume that the cat entered the library by accident. It’s probably unlikely that the cat wanted to check out a book or do some research; however, some people who have seen the video of the cat are joking that the kitty wanted a workout.

The cat video is less than 30 seconds long which might be one reason it has gotten so many views in such a short amount of time. It is certainly easy to watch the video over and over again. So far, this video has been viewed over 6 million times!

In the video, the cat is walking down a moving escalator. The problem is that the escalator is moving the wrong direction. The cat starts at the top and is trying to go down to the lower level, but the escalator is moving upwards.

It’s fair to assume that the cat didn’t know the escalator was moving the wrong direction. After all, how is a cat supposed to understand how escalators work? 

A few seconds into the video, a man walks up the escalator past the cat, and the cat looks over at him. Cats aren’t stupid. You know at this point that the cat understands that he or she is trying to move the wrong direction; however, the cat keeps going.

It’s actually pretty impressive how much progress the cats makes going down the escalator. If only the cat didn’t stop occasionally, he or she probably would’ve made it all the way down to the lower level; however, the escalator never ended up being more than a stair climber machine for this kitty. According to the person who originally shared the video, the cat ended up giving up and ending at the top of the escalator.

The poor kitty was probably pretty hungry after such an intense workout. As one person commented on Facebook, “Congratulations to the cat on a successful weight loss.”

Watch this adorable cat video below.

Does it surprise you how determined this cat was to go the wrong way down the escalator? What do you think the man thought when he walked by the cat?