15 People Share Which Career Paths They Strongly Believe Others Should Avoid

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When you’re young, you constantly get asked what you want to be when you grow up. You might have an entire list of careers you fantasize about. But then, when you’re an adult, you realize that it’s really not all that cracked up to be.

To help others, on Reddit, someone asked what career path others should strongly avoid and why. Here are some of the top answers!

  1. Teacher

    “There are glimmers of things I love when I see kids progressing and improving or when you have a genuine moment of connection or get to offer advice…but like 95 percent of the time it is exhausting and annoying and soul crushing work.”

  2. Zookeeper

    “It doesn’t pay a lot because competition is fierce. Also, you have to do a lot of interning (often unpaid) for experience to get ahead of everyone else.”

  3. Emergency Services

    “If you want to work long, thankless hours for next to no pay and have every single thing you do questioned and criticized, this is the career for you. You will work until you are exhausted and then, in your exhaustion, you will mess something up. At that point everyone will tell you what a horrible person you are and that there is no excuse for messing this up.”

  4. Journalism

    “Listen kids, back in the day when I went to university it was a job that existed. When I was in middle school and high school it was even respected. Now it’s nothing. Any moron with a computer can be a journalist and divisive politics are more important than unbiased fact.”

  5. Photography

    “At least don’t go to school for it. If you want to be a photographer, learn online and then just get out there and do it. Get an internship early and learn there much more cost effective.”

  6. Film Industry

    “The money is decent but you have to completely sacrifice any meaningful kind of personal life to do it. The hours are long and irregular, you barely sleep, you’re constantly around people with substance abuse issues and are at risk of falling into that yourself, you are always stressed, and work can suddenly end on a dime making budgeting and financial planning extremely difficult.”

  7. Physical Therapist

    “It’s a doctoral degree now, with all the costs associated with that. Jobs are always available, but the pay will vary from a low (I’ve seen) of $45k to $120k, with an average around $65 for a new grad. Raises are nonexistent and reimbursement rates keep falling. Honestly, if it were less expensive to get the degree I wouldn’t mind taking a pay cut if it allowed me to spend more time with my patients and not have to be on a laptop all the time just to survive.”

  8. Chef

    “Unless you like sh*t pay and long hours of sweaty work on your feet under extremely high pressure and ridiculous deadlines.”

  9. Hospitality

    “Not just because of current situation but the pay and working hours are shit. Hotels, tour agencies, restaurants…it all pays sh*t.”

  10. Marine Biology/Conservation

    “I had an interest in it. I grew up loving the ocean and wanted to help stop the global extinction of wildlife around the world. But you know, you also need stable income and security, and to not have to constantly apply for hundreds of jobs and to have every job have 2,000 applicants. Many places now just use volunteers instead. Volunteers will literally pay thousands to come and work for them. So why would they pay someone to do the work when they can get paid for someone to do it. All they need is a couple of professionals who know what they are talking about and then they can have an army of volunteers that they teach how to do the job.”

  11. Architecture

    “Went to undergraduate for architecture. I came out of it a completely different person for the worse. It obliterated the confidence I had in myself and reduced me to an anxious mess over trivial things.”

  12. Graphic Design

    “Don’t get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for people who are design-minded and can handle it, and not all graphic design jobs are going to be this way, but most of the employment you’ll find in that field is going to be sales flyers and pamphlets and stuff that will be mind-numbingly boring and unfulfilling and will leave you burnt out and dispassionate about your own artistic desires. It’s just not a fantastic line of work if you’re more driven by what you care about artistically.”

  13. Petroleum Engineering

    “That’s a rollercoaster of a career where you will be job hopping forever, moving, or looking for a job often. Whenever the oil prices tank because some open country is pissed you may lose your job. Obviously renewables are the future but we still use a lot of oil, just throwing that out there.”

  14. Law

    “Unless you’re extremely well connected, or have family in the business, or like being someone’s doll for a shot at any partnership opportunity worthwhile.”

  15. Higher Education

    “One takes you seriously and you get paid peanuts while the admin gets paid like kings.”

What career would you strongly advise against?