Cardi B Doesn’t Miss With Retaliation Against A Fan Who Threw A Drink At Her [VIDEO]

Anthony Kane

Picture this. You go to a concert. You’re standing right in front, almost next to the stage. You’re excited to see one of your favorite performers. What do you do when that performer is on stage? Take a selfie? Live stream the concert? Sing along to the lyrics? Dance? For some concertgoers, throwing things is what’s on their mind.

Cardi B was performing at the Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas on July 29th. She was on stage wearing a bright orange dress while she performed her hit song “Bodak Yellow.” In a fan’s video of the concert, which was later shared on TikTok, multiple people can be seen holding up their phones to take pictures and videos.

There’s also a woman right in front holding what appears to be a large cup which was apparently filled with some sort of beverage. For whatever reason, this woman lifted her beverage in the air and appeared to intentionally splash Cardi B with the liquid inside. She didn’t miss, and Cardi B didn’t ignore what happened.

As soon as the liquid touches her, Cardi B has a reaction of surprise and shock on her face, but she doesn’t miss a beat. One second later she retaliates with the only weapon she has at the moment – her microphone. She hurled the microphone at the concertgoer, and she didn’t miss either.

You can watch this incident for yourself in the video below, but be aware that there is the use of profanity in the video.

@j_blizzyy Yea cardi 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #cardib #trending #drais #draisbeachclub #lasvegas #lasvegastiktok ♬ original sound – Jess 🖤

Cardi B’s experience at this concert was unfortunately not a one-off. There have been other incidents recently where fans threw objects at performers. What makes the Cardi B experience different is that she retaliated instead of simply walking off stage.

Other performers who have been hit by objects thrown at them by fans include Harry Styles, who was hit in the eye with a package of Skittles candy, and Bebe Rexha who got a black eye after being hit in the face by a concertgoer’s phone.

In the comments on the video of the Cardi B microphone throwing incident, some people wondered why a fan would throw water at the rapper. Others pointed out how great Cardi B’s aim was with that microphone. Yet others pointed out the obvious lip synching since the song continued to play even after Cardi B threw the microphone and was clearly not singing on stage.