Candace Cameron Bure Claps Back at Trolls Who Criticized Her Family’s Wedding Outfits

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When you’re a guest at a wedding, even though you’re not going to be the center of attention, you still want to look nice. This often means a nice dress for the ladies and a suit and tie for the gentlemen.

While some people feel that certain colors are taboo for wedding guests, not everyone agrees. For example, is it rude to wear white since the bride will be wearing white? Is it inappropriate to wear red to make sure the color doesn’t steal attention from the bride?

According to Candace Cameron Bure, red dresses are a perfectly appropriate choice for wedding guests. Before attending a wedding in Los Angeles, Cameron Bure posted a picture of her family on Instagram. She wrote, “Wedding season and I am HERE FOR IT!!!” 


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In the picture, Cameron Bure and her 23-year-old daughter, Natasha, look stunning in red dresses. Instead of politely commenting on the pictures, hitting the “like” button, or choosing to keep scrolling, some trolls felt the need to criticize the picture and pick apart the family’s style choices.

Watch the video below to hear how Cameron Bure responded to the criticism of her family’s wedding attire.

In addition to responding to comments about the red dresses and shoes without socks, Cameron Bure also responded to comments about what she chooses to post on social media.

One person commented, “Your account is to [sic] perfect to be real. I love that you post nothing but happy smiley pictures but in all reality if you were to post reality and not always try and be the pillar of society, you would be a vessel of God to more ppl.”

Cameron Bure pointed out the truth about how most people use social media. She wrote, “Instagram is everyone’s highlight reel. Don’t we all know that by now? I’m always honest, but let’s get real. Most people don’t want to hear about everyone’s hardships and problems.”

Not all the comments on the wedding photos were negative. Some people commented that they love the look, and several people asked where they could get the same dress.

Do you think it’s inappropriate to wear red to a wedding? What do you think of the look of a suit and shoes without socks? How would you respond if strangers criticized your fashion choices on social media?