Dramatic Couple’s Makeover Brings Rachael Ray to Her Knees

Couple that loves camo gets an amazing makeover.Rachel Ray Show

The way you dress often reflects who you are as a person and what your interests are. That couldn’t be more true for Brandon and Stacy, a recently engaged couple from North Carolina who love exploring the great outdoors and off-roading in some seriously huge trucks.

Considering their hobbies, it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that this couple is all about comfort. Sweatshirts, camo cargo pants, and low-maintenance is the name of this game. And while this outdoor-ideal, comfort first way of dressing is perfect for the couple, it’s not how they imagined looking for their wedding.

“I don’t feel like I look bad, I feel like I just kind of look ‘blah’,” Stacy told the Rachel Ray Show cameras. “And I want to feel pretty and look pretty on my wedding day.”

Even groom-to-be Brandon, who we’re sure loves his fiance no matter what she looks like, agrees that a cleaner look for both of them for the upcoming wedding would be a “whole lot better”. So the couple decided to reach out to Rachel Ray and her team of makeover stylists for help.

Although Brandon gave a little push back about shaving off his lengthy beard, the two were mostly down to completely change their looks. And completely change their looks they did.

When the moment of truth comes and Rachel lets the couple see each other for the first time, we think we’re as taken aback as they are! When they see how beautiful their partner looks, they look absolutely thrilled. Across the stage, Rachel is literally brought to her knees at the sight of their complete transformation.

After telling the couple that she’s never seen a makeover quite as successful as theirs, she allows the anxious bride and groom-to-be to turn around and take a look at themselves for the first time.

Well, Brandon’s first reaction is to claw at where his beard formerly was! But he enthusiastically cries that he loves the new look; it’s clear that the stylists wanted to keep that rugged, southern vibe that Brandon loves, but it a cleaner, more sophisticated way. It certainly worked, because he looks extremely handsome AND happy in his new duds.

Stacy, on the other hand, is in complete shock upon seeing herself! With a full face of makeup, her natural curls bouncing beautifully, and a sleek black outfit, Stacy looks not just like a grown woman but a GORGEOUS grown woman! She cannot seem to believe that this confident, put-together person is actually her and her future husband obviously loves her new look.

We’re sure once the wedding has come and gone, it’ll be back to camo and John Deere sweatshirts for these two! But for now, we love how much they’re reveling in their fresh, new looks.

What do you think of this incredible couple transformation?