Neighbor ‘Karen’ Calls the Police On New Homeowner Because She Thought She Was ‘Too Young’ To Own Property

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Imagine being able to buy your first home when you’re just 20 years old. That sounds amazing to us. We were renting long beyond that age, but for some, it’s not impossible.

One Reddit user shared that she was able to buy a home in the Midwest for just $15,000. The previous owner, an older man, had lived there for decades, long before she had even been born, but he had recently passed away. The home needed some work, but her dad, who happens to be a carpenter, helped her fix the place up.

After two months of hard work turning the old house into her first home, this new homeowner finally moved in. One day, she was outside clearing an area to start a garden when her neighbor, a woman who is probably in her 50s, felt the need to come over and introduce herself.

This neighbor assumed the new homeowner was just helping out the old man who owned the home (she must not have realized he passed away), but the young lady informed her that she was actually the home owner. On Reddit, she wrote, “I told her I own the house. She didn’t believe me but went home.”

The next week, the new homeowner decided to paint her front door. Again, the neighbor walked over. This is where things got heated.

The new homeowner wrote that the neighbor “stormed over yelling that I better of had permission to paint someone else’s house. I again told her I own the home. She started yelling that I was too young to buy a house and she was contacting my landlord. I told her to stop being a busy body and leave me alone. She started demanding proof. I told her it was non of her business and to get off my property. She walked to the edge of her yard and called the police saying I was a squatter.”

When the police showed up, the homeowner showed them proof that she was in fact the owner of the house she was painting. The neighbor is “still angry,” and now the young lady’s dad thinks she messed up. She wrote, “He said I was an ass for making enemies with my neighbors.” She added, “I don’t feel like I was in the wrong but my dad thinks I was.”

Reddit users weighed in on whether or not the new homeowner did anything wrong, and overwhelmingly, they feel that the young homeowner did not do anything wrong. One person wrote, “Your neighbor made an enemy of you, not the other way around. She bullied you because of your age, this is not your fault. You didn’t owe her proof of homeownership at all. She’s not entitled to that, she’s a stranger.”

Another comment reads, “Even if you showed her the deed, the way you painted her, she probably would’ve claimed the deed was fake.”

Yet another person commented, “It’s ageism. I had a similar situation when I had purchased my house. I was in my late 20s but looked quite young, I’m also a single mum and a Goth. The house was in the downtown of my city with a view of the harbour. I had neighbour after neighbour not believe me when I told them I owned the place. They also threatened similar things when seeing me painting or performing repairs.”

Do you think there’s anything the homeowner should have done differently? Have you ever had a neighbor like the one who called the cops on this new homeowner?