Hot to Get and Even Burn on Candles Every Time


I love the soft flickering glow of candles. Scented candles also make the home smell great. Sometimes candles don’t burn evenly resulting in wax buildup and candles that won’t burn. Here’s a simple trick you can use to make sure you get an even burn every time. You just need to do it once when you first light the candle the tinfoil doesn’t need to stay on the whole time. Check out the video below. Also, a few readers shared some great info on candles:

Carol Fisher Sifrit: Candles have a memory. If you do not burn them long enough to create a melt pool from side to side they will burn straight down the middle.

Lynne Dennis: I bought a candle warmer at Walmart. All you do is plug it in, set your candle that’s in glass or metal on warming plate & it melts from the bottom up. Until it’s all liquid. No flame, no smoke because all you do is unplug or turn warmer off & wax gets hard again.