7 Things Burglars Really Don’t Want Homeowners to Realize

Ready for your “scary statistic of the day?” Get this: according to the 2016 FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, in the United States, a burglary occurs every 13 SECONDS, with 66% of those burglaries being home break-ins.

It’s a creepy truth that, unfortunately, doesn’t help any of us sleep easy at night, no matter how safe or secure our communities might be.

So, what’s the average homeowner to do? Be diligent, install a security system if needed, and always be in touch with your local neighborhood watch if you see something suspicious!

Over the past couple of years, we’ve made it our mission to inform you on the best common sense — and not-so-common sense — security tricks, but now, we think it’s time to kick it up a notch…

It’s time to start thinking like a burglar.

Yep, we bet you didn’t see that one coming!

Now, before you get too up in arms about our suggestion, realize that learning to think like a burglar is the best way to ensure that you’re always one step ahead of them!

So, are you ready to “break into” the mind of a criminal? Let’s take a look at a few of the smartest tips from today’s video via Bob Vila…

  1. Your lush landscaping can make your home a target.

    Having large hedges, bushes, or trees in front of your street or backyard-facing windows might give you some extra privacy and much-needed shade, but they can also serve as the perfect camouflage for burglars as they force their way in!

  2. Your entryway cabinet is a burglar’s treasure chest . . .

    Question: do you have a small cabinet or table in your entryway that you use to place your keys, wallet, purse, or more? If so, know that this will likely be the place that a burglar will hit first during a home invasion scenario. Best to spread out and secure your valuables, especially at night!

  3. . . . and your recycling bin isn’t safe either!

    Believe it or not, burglars are known to go through the stinkiest part of your home — your garbage! — to catch a preview of what shiny new items may be inside. So, if you have bought a new gadget, be sure to shred receipts and safeguard the packaging until collection day, especially if you have recently acquired many pricey items around holiday times or birthdays.

Pretty surprising stuff, huh? We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely going to have to make some changes to our house. These are common mistakes that almost everyone we know makes!

To get 4 more home safety tips so you can always stay one step ahead of the bad guys, be sure to watch the video below. Stay safe out there, folks!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on everything home safety! Are you guilty of having any of these weak security features in or around your home? Would you like to add any others to the list? Do you have a scary home burglary story that you would like to share?