Bunny Succulents Would Be the Cutest New Addition to Your Garden

Plants need water and sunlight in order to grow because osmosis and photosynthesis. Well, if you tend to forget to water your plants or if you want plants that are super duper easy to care for, you may have found yourself looking at succulents.

If you’re not familiar with succulents, let’s do a quick rundown. Succulents do really well in dry climates and with little water because they store water in their leaves. How cool is that? 

It’s pretty cool, but what’s even cooler is that succulents come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. There are some that look like flowers, some that look like dolphins (yes, way) and some that look like bunnies

The bunny-shaped succulents are our new obsession. We’ve been seeing photos of them popping up on Instagram, and we can’t hold out any longer – we need these in our own garden.

What makes these succulents unique is that when they are itty-bitty, they really do look just like little bunny rabbits. They have 2 long ears and even a tiny bunny-like tail!


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As the bunny succulents grow larger (they can get up to 8 inches tall), they resemble bunnies less since their “ears” can grow really long, but they become even more beautiful, even showing off with white flowers!

While the bunny succulents are already popular in Japan, those of us in the United States can easily purchase them on Amazon. 

These succulents look like bunnies, and a search for “bunny succulents” on Amazon will bring up multiple ways to purchase the seeds, but they are officially called Monilaria Moniliforme. 


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Amazon sellers provide great information about how to plant the seeds. One seller even includes “A mini germination kit with instruction…if you wish to watch them germinate closely before transplant into a regular pot.”

The same seller notes the basic planting instructions:

  1. Mix equal parts of potting mix and sand. Moisten the mix with water, and fill it into a pot with drainage holes, up to about 1/2 inch from the top.
  2. Sprinkle the seeds over the soil. Cover them with a thin layer of fine sand or crushed rock – 1/8-inch
  3. Fill a spray bottle with water and mist the soil with it. Try to keep the soil moist throughout the germination period. Cover the pot with plastic wrap or a glass pane to help promote the soil moisture retention.
  4. Place the pot in a warm, sunlit area. Aim for a temperature of approximately 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Place a heating mat underneath the pot, if needed. Expect the seeds to germinate within about 10 to 15 days.
  5. Transplant the seedlings to individual pots when the plants start to crowd and are big enough to handle. Place the pots in a sunny windowsill.”

Sounds easy enough! Placing order….now!