Mom Warns Parents Everywhere After 6-Year-Old Gets 150 Bunchems Balls Stuck In Her Hair

Inside Edition

As parents, we want to do right by our kids. We just want them to be happy! And sometimes, that means buying the latest toys that they’re into.

But that’s not always the best idea—especially if your kids are into Bunchems. Bunchems are a great way to keep your kids entertained and occupied for long periods of time. They’re essentially little colorful balls that stick to each other. The little ones can use their imaginations to build all sorts of things.

The only problem with Bunchems are that they’re quite a bit sticky. They “magically” stick to each other without using glue or tape or making any kind of mess. You’d think that would be a parent’s dream but…not exactly.

Take it from one mom, Lisa Hoelzle, who let her kids play with Bunchems in the basement while she was upstairs. Before she knew it, her son, Noah, was running upstairs to tell her that his twin sister, Abigail, had something stuck in her hair. Uh oh.

When she went downstairs to investigate, her nightmare ensued: Noah had dumped the entire container of Bunchems on Abigail’s head—and they were weaved and matted throughout every strand.

Because the toys connect like Velcro to each other, things get even more complicated when hair is involved. The packaging even says you should keep them away from hair.

Literally every single Bunchem from the package was now in Abigail’s hair—all 150 of them. The more they were touched, the worse the tangles got.

Getting the Bunchems out was no easy feat. In fact, it took three hours to remove just 15 of the 150 Bunchems caught in Abigail’s hair after using vegetable oil and conditioner—a slippery concoction that does seem to work to get the toys out, but is still pretty taxing.

Abigail had to go to sleep and continue the next day. Lisa really wanted to avoid having to cut Abigail’s hair so the next day she carried on with getting the balls out.

You won’t believe how long Lisa spent getting the Bunchems out of her daughter’s hair. Hear the story from the mom herself, as well as see footage of what her daughter’s hair looked like in the mess (and what it looks like now, thanks to her patience!).

Have you ever heard of Bucnhems? Did you know they can get stuck in hair like this? Do you know a kid who this has happened to? How did they get it out?