12 Budget-Friendly Makeup Storage Solutions

You have spent years cultivating the perfect makeup collection. You have every type of eye shadow pallet imaginable and a shade of blush for every occasion – you should be incredibly proud of yourself. But if your makeup is just thrown about, unorganized, how you can possibly appreciate everything you’ve worked towards?! The key to being a real makeup fanatic is keeping all that beautiful makeup organized – preferably in a creative, DIY way! Looking to get inspired? Check out these 12 brilliant ways to organize your glorious makeup collection.

  1. Candle Jars

    These candle jars can be purchased at the Dollar Store or you can re-purpose the candle jars you have hanging around your house! Hot glue them together in whatever shape you’d like (think a pyramid or an octagon!) and store your makeup in the clear storage containers.

  2. Rolling Makeup Cart

    If you’re not the commitment type, a rolling makeup station might be for you. You can buy these carts new or at an antique store, you can even paint it a fun color or stencil on your favorite quote just to give your makeup a bit more pizzazz.

  3. Wooden Bowls

    Better Homes and Gardens

    This DIY has endless possibilities. These are Dollar Store wooden bowls cut in half and drilled into (or hot glued onto) painted wooden boards. The whole project can be done for a few bucks and can be as long or as short as you’d like.

  4. Lazy Susan


    If you’re not a fan of DIY projects, there are plenty of makeup storage solutions you can buy. For example, this adorable lazy Susan! This makeup carousel can be bought on Amazon for next to nothing.

  5. Shoe Organizer

    Another non-DIY! Remember those shoe organizers that would hang on the back of your door? Loved those. Get one for a different organizing purpose – your makeup, of course!

  6. Dinnerware Organizer

    Designs by Studio C

    If you have some vintage dishware that you can’t use (or don’t want to use) for their given purpose, hot glue a few pieces together to create an awesome stacking affect. More room to store more makeup. Amen.

  7. Magnetic Board

    Liz Marie Blog

    This DIY might take a little more time than others, but you have so much creativity here! Once the magnetic board is built, cover it with any fabric or pattern you’d like. Once you hot glue strips of magnets to each piece of makeup (which could be a process, depending on the size of your makeup collection) you can display each piece on your fashionable backdrop.

  8. Shower Rods


    Screwing some shower rods into the walls and hanging some wire baskets off said rods is the perfect way to store your makeup! You have easy access and a cheap, cute way to show off your collection.

  9. Plastic Bottles


    Instead of tossing those plastic bottles, keep the cute colorful ones and transform them into adorable little makeup pots.

  10. Mason Jars

    The DIY Playbook

    For a perfectly rustic feel, incorporate mason jars! Attaching some mason jars to a strip of rustic wood makes an easy piece of rustic decor that can hold all your makeup and more.

  11. Makeup Tray

    We Heart This

    If you’re more for a minimalist vibe, a simple tray is really all you need! Whether it’s an antique or just a tray with a fun design, trays are a quick, easy way to display all your makeup in style.

  12. Box Drawers 

    This looks like something you might buy from a store, but it’s actually an upcycled DIY project! If you have boxes from designer stores like Kate Spade, save those lovely boxes and bags to create these DIY makeup drawers. Lovely and feminine!


Do you store your makeup in any creative ways? Share your brilliant ideas (and some pictures of you expansive makeup collections) in the comments section below.