Brother Makes Prom Dress for Sister When Family Can’t Afford to Buy a Gown

Maverick Francisco Oyao

The junior and senior prom was officially announced, but there was one problem. In order to attend, each girl would need to wear a ball gown. Not everyone can afford to buy a beautiful ball gown.

Lu Asey Francisco Oyao wanted to attend the prom, but her parents couldn’t afford to get her a dress. Her brother, Maverick Francisco Oyao, decided that he was going to make sure his little sister got to go to the prom and that she was wearing a stunning dress even if that meant making it himself.

Mave is not a fashion designer, but that didn’t stop him from deciding to make a dress. He turned to YouTube to research different type of ball gowns. In particular, he looked at Michael Cinco’s Spring and Summer Collection. Then, he started coming up with his own ideas for his sister’s dress.

Mave was able to finish the dress in time for his sister to wear it to the prom on Valentine’s Day. She didn’t win the best dress prize, but Mave and his sister feel like it was the best dress in their eyes, and that’s what really matters.

Besides sharing the story behind the dress on Facebook, Mave also shared pictures of the final dress and pictures of the dress as he was putting it together.

Here is his sketch showing what he wanted the dress to look like.

Then, he starts to cut out and assemble the dress.

Maverick Francisco Oyao

Time to add to the design.

Now, to add the details.

He even hand-painted part of the dress.

Time for the finishing touches.

His sister certainly looked stunning in the dress.

Mave lives in the Philippians, and he is studying for his Bachelor of Culture and Arts Education. Even though he admits that he is not a fashion designer, he certainly seems to have the potential to become one. Perhaps he should reconsider.

What do you think of this prom dress? Have you ever tried to make a dress yourself? Do you think Mave should consider studying fashion design?