Why You Should Consider Painting With a Broom

If you’re anything like me, you like to alter the overall look of your home as the seasons change. So, since spring is just around the corner, we’ve got a tip for you that will help add some depth, color, and inspiration to any room. Best of all, these techniques are so easy, even your little ones can help!

Today’s tip comes to us courtesy of our friends over at LittleThings. They’ve got four seriously creative ideas for us that will help add personality to your walls, all without having to dole out for expensive wallpaper or a professional painter. As we said, with just a bit of practice, these painting methods are super simple to achieve.

Here are two of our favorites from the helpful video:

Leather Wall Effect

If you want to add some serious grit and dimension to your walls, look no further than this unique technique. The leather wall effect achieves this by making use of layering, a method that we think is not done quite enough in painting these days.

To achieve these results, first gather together the necessary materials:

  • An old cotton shirt
  • Scissors
  • Paint (the amount will depend on the area)
  • Decorative glaze that is darker than your base paint.

Get started by first ensuring that you are happy with the first layer of paint on your chosen wall. Though this color will end up being mostly covered, there will be some patches that will peek through. To get that rustic “leather” effect, stick to browns and neutrals.

Use scissors to help you rip up the old cotton shirt into thick shreds so that you can hold onto it easily in one hand. Dip the shirt in the base color and sponge on using a firm, dotting motion.

Once dry, apply the glaze in the same manner on top of the base layer.

Broom Wall Effect

We think that shabby-chic never goes out of style! That’s why we are loving this particular technique. It gives the wall a nice “striped” look, without making the room appear too harsh or angular.

Here are the materials you will need to achieve the same look:

  • Case color paint
  • Rolling paint brush
  • A corn broom—the kind that has natural, straw-like bristles.

Prep your walls accordingly and roll on your chosen base layer. Before the paint has a chance to dry, take your corn broom and drag it down your wall, bristles up.

We recommend placing your hand flat on the outside edge of the hairs so you do not end up with any splintered lines. Have fun with the technique! Add crisscrossed layers or wavy lines to make this look all your own!

To learn about two more bonus creative painting techniques, be sure to click on LittleThings’ video below. Pretty gorgeous results, huh?

What do you think of these innovative painting projects? Have you tried one of these before? How do you like to change up the look of your walls? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!