Britney Spears Takes to Instagram To Tell Fans She’s “Totally Fine”

Britney Spears has finally addressed questions about whether she’s OK in a recent Instagram video.

The pop star has raised eyebrows on the social media site over the years for what fans have considered to be erratic behavior. Spears, 39, has publicly suffered from mental health issues for many years and was put under conservatorship in 2008 after a very public breakdown.

Still, she insists she is doing well at the moment and has stepped away from the spotlight to enjoy some downtime.

I’m totally fine; I’m extremely happy,” said Spears. “I have a beautiful home, beautiful children. I’m taking a break right now because I’m enjoying myself.”

This is the first time Spears has directly answered the burning question about her well-being on her page, despite daily comments inquiring about whether it’s really her posting to the account and even if she is being held in captivity against her will. Fans have asked her to do a live video on many occasions. They have been disappointed when she has avoided serious questions and focused on trivial subjects, such as her favorite color.


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The singer has repeatedly posted a similar image of herself in a crop top and low-rise shorts, looking despondent. Commenters have been quick to point out the oddity of this behavior.

“Girl you’ve been posting these same shots for 2 years now,” one commenter wrote.

Another chimed in, “I’m convinced she’s not even alive anymore.”

Fuel was added to the #FreeBritney movement after the explosive documentary “Framing Britney Spears” was released in February. The television film zeroed in on her rise to fame and how she was manipulated and exploited by the press as a young woman. Her fans believe Spears is still being controlled, both by her father and her boyfriend.

Conspiracy theorists have worked tirelessly to “decode” the messages in her posts, asking the star to wear certain colors and use keywords in her captions if she needs help. Despite her latest efforts to assuage her fans, the comments have continued, with people pointing out that she seemed anything but fine in her most recent post.

“The way she keeps looking to the side and swaying..,” a concerned fan wrote about the video.

Have you been following the princess of pop on Instagram? If so, what do you make of her posts — particularly the latest video in question? We hope she truly is OK and is enjoying her so-called downtime at home. Let us know your thoughts on all things Britney in the comments! 


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