Britney Spears Breaks Fans’ Hearts With Video Proclaiming Excitement Over Buying Her First iPad

britneyspears via Instagram

Most of us probably own an iPad or something similar. They’re not super expensive and are readily available most places—it’s not really a piece of technology you deem only owned by, say, celebrities or the extremely rich.

However, one of the most popular pop singers of all time, Britney Spears, has never owned her own iPad. And when she finally got her very own one recently, she was, let’s just say, more than thrilled.

If you don’t know, Britney Spears is currently seeking freedom from her father, who has been controlling her life and her finances for years. She recently went public with her story, inspiring the hashtag #FreeBritney from fans everywhere.

Now that she received permission to hire her own lawyer and is on her way to freedom from her father, Spears finally ordered something she’s been wanting for a long time: a brand new iPad. And her excitement is so pure. She shared about it in her recent Instagram post, which racked up over 930,000 views.


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“Okay, guys, great news,” Spears says excitedly. “I got my first iPad today.”

The singer continues on in an ecstatic tone that while her kids have iPads, she’s never been able to use anything except her small phone—until now.

“This is just a groundbreaking day […] I feel like my life is changing as we speak, and I’m so excited,” says Spears, smiling ear to ear. “Upward bound—yes!”

It’s weird to see such a huge celebrity be so excited over an iPad. In fact, some people found it kind of sad.

“Britney being so excited about getting an iPad is cute but also extremely depressing,” someone wrote. “Our girl was really locked up.”

“I really cannot believe that Britney Spears got her own iPad for the first time today. She is genuinely excited about it like it’s f*cking Christmas and it just blows my mind. Imagine how restricted she has been from so many things bro what the ?,: someone else said.

“I’m so happy that finally she can buy her own things,, and she start doing things she always wanted to do, so buy everything you want,, Britney you deserve it,” another commented.

Do you own an iPad? Would you ever have known this was something someone like Britney Spears never really had access to? How do you feel about the singer being this excited over her very first iPad?