Britney Spears Announces That She’s Pregnant With Fiancee Sam Asghari

Britney Spears recently went to Maui with her fiancee, Sam Asghari. A few days ago, she posted pictures of Asghari on Instagram, already calling him her “HUSBAND” in all caps. She wrote, “I have to do big letters cause that what my sister has always done on her gram.”

She seemed to be loving the resort where she was staying and the freedom to be herself. She wrote, “Anyways it’s so mind opening being in a resort where there is no paparazzi.” She added, “For the first time in my life … I can actually be that girl who can act stuck up and talk to others about how I’m getting married … out at dinners.”

While she seemed to be loving her freedom, there was one thing she mentioned that she wasn’t loving – coffee. She wrote, “I honestly just want ice water here cause it’s so hot 🥵… coffee makes me too sick ☕️ … and I’ve never rejected coffee !!!!”


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Did she hate the coffee because of the weather or something else? Did she think the weather was really hot because, well, it is hot on Maui, or was it something else?

Four days later, Spears turned to Instagram again to announce some big news that was even a surprise to her – she’s pregnant!

For the pregnancy announcement, Spears didn’t post a cute photo of shoes with a due date or an older child holding a sign saying “I’m going to be a big brother.” No, she kept it simple. She explained how she found out she was pregnant and left it at that.

Spears explained that she had lost weight before the trip to Maui and gained in back quickly. She was wondering what was going on, so she decided to take a pregnancy test. Asghari was convinced it was a “food baby,” but he was wrong.

Watch the video below to hear more about Spears’ exciting pregnancy news.

It seems that Spears is excited about the pregnancy news, although it was clearly not something she was planning. You can read her entire Instagram pregnancy announcement below.


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Are you surprised that Spears is pregnant? How do you think Asghari feels about the news?