These Electric Ride-On Cars for Kids Bring the Joy of Bumper Cars Into Your Home

Kidzone via Amazon

We’ve been staying home more than ever before this past year, and that’s not going to change for awhile. While that gives us more quality time with our family, there are only so many puzzles and dance parties we can enjoy before we grow bored with the (hopefully temporary) new normal.

If your kids are bored of their toys, it might be time to mix things up. Instead of getting them new craft supplies or video games, why not get them something they probably never dreamed they could have at home – bumper cars!

Don’t worry. These aren’t the big bumper cars you’re probably picturing. In fact, they’re perfectly child sized and go less than 1 mile per hour. Perfect for zooming around the living room or down the hallway!

Kidzone has created an electric rid-on kids vehicle that can be controlled in two different ways. The first option is the one you’re probably picturing. A child seated in the car can control it with an easy-to-use joystick. The other option is controlling to via remote control. This is a great alternative way to use the car if your child wants to give his or her favorite doll, stuffed animal or family pet a ride around the house.

This fun car comes in 10 different colors and is safe for kids 18 months and up to use both inside and outside the house.

Amazon customers are raving about this kid-sized bumper car. Kids as young as 10 months old have been able to master the joystick controls, and parents say their only compliant is that it doesn’t come in an adult size.

One customer wrote, “I purchased this for my son for his first birthday. I was sure we would have to maneuver him using the remote control but within the second day of riding this thing he has picked it up like a pro! He’s moving all over the house and having the best time.”

Another reviewer shared, “My 2 year old is absolutely in loooooove with this! And all the adults are jealous cuz there isn’t one for us too. Seriously we took this outside and all the neighbors pass by and smiled and loved it. It is pure joy and soooo cute. Will be buying one for my goddaughter too.”

Besides being easy to use and lots of fun to ride, it is also safe and durable. It comes with a built-in seatbelt, it’s made from hard plastic, and the soft bumper makes it easy to turn around.

Did we mention that it also has flashing lights? If you’re a parent, you probably know that kids love anything that lights up, and this car comes through here too.

Watch the Kidzone bumper car in action in the video below.

The Kidzone electric ride-on bumper car is available at Amazon. You can see more details or order it here.

Do you know any kids who would want one of these bumper cars? Do you wish there were an adult-size version?